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The Workshop is actively developing new services and applications. Check out some of the major categories we have in the works.

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WebRTC and related technologies provide powerful new means of accessing and creating communications services. As the technology rapidly matures, we're working to make WebRTC consumable, robust and available as part of every website and app.

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Conferencing is a core communications feature, yet is often difficult to manage and expensive to grow. Conferencing should be as easy as setting up a DID, and now it is with the Voxbone Workshop Conferencing offload API. VoxConf.Me will show you how easy it is to grow your existing audio bridging service, geographically expand, or add new mulit-party calling capabilities with working phone numbers you can choose.

Offload APIs

We're helping communications providers and enterprises rapidly scale and expand geographically by making it easier to extend their services to more places. By offloading network intensive functions we can help save costs while improving quality.

Cloud Infrastructure

Communications developers should have a Cloud Infrastructure provider that lets them set up and run their own software on their own terms, without being forced to use someone else's limited APIs. Voxbone is opening its network for others to bring their own systems.

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